Digital Signage Price Comparison and Cost Analysis

Digifli at Modern Mouse, Southshore Center.

Digifli now offers Digital Signage In order to come up with a competitive pricing model, we researched some popular digital signage companies and did some analysis. We decided to base our analysis on the first month (startup cost) and the first year accumulated cost. We looked at several digital signage companies and used the pricing… Continue reading Digital Signage Price Comparison and Cost Analysis

Browse local Digifli kiosks

Want to check out what’s happening at a Digifli location? Now you can see what is showing on any Digifli just by clicking the name of the location on the Network Status page. Click a digital flier on that page and you can share it on FaceBook or Twitter.    

RSS Feeds for kiosks

Now you can automatically show the content of any Digifli kiosk on your WordPress website with RSS feeds. Browse Digifli Kiosk RSS Feeds To get the feed for any kiosk, just visit the kiosk page and look for the RSS icon.  (Circled in red below). Each location has it’s own unique RSS feed. You can… Continue reading RSS Feeds for kiosks

Digifli supports FAAS

Digifli has installed it’s newest location at FAAS. Be prepared to see cute adoptable critters on a Digifli screen in the very near future! Follow Digifli on Facebook.      

Special Offer for WABA Members

Digifli has partnered with the West Alameda Business Association to bring a special offer to WABA members. Try advertising on Digifli with a free $100 advertising credit for a 30 day free trial . Digifli promotes local businesses and events in Alameda with a network of digital bulletin boards. You may have seen them around town,… Continue reading Special Offer for WABA Members