Digifli 10 Day Free Trial 2023

Do you have a small business or promote events in the East Bay? Try promoting it on Digifli Community Bulletin Boards. No purchase necessary, no credit card required, subject to terms and conditions*.

Step 1: Register for an account at https://app.digifli.com/register

Step 2:  Click the Rocket icon to start up your account. New advertisers can get a free 10 day trial with up to 30 locations. (A $100 value)

Step 3: Start your campaign! Just upload your flyer artwork and select where you want your campaign to appear.

Step 4: Email us using the email icon and let us know you want to use the 30 day free trial. Good for up to 10 locations.

FRee Trials

*Terms and Conditions: Offer open to Bay Area organizations and businesses that advertise or promote events in Alameda, California.

All promotion campaigns are reviewed and must meet our quality guidelines. This offer may be rescinded at any time. Free trial length subject to change or revocation.