Advertise on Digifli

Digifli is a network of Digital Community Bulletin Boards in the East Bay. Digifli screens are located in local businesses in busy shopping districts with lots of pedestrian traffic. There are approximately 175 current locations.

You can advertise your business or event and select the specific locations where your ad will appear. You only pay for the locations you choose, and the number of days your ad will appear.

It’s easy to launch an ad. Just upload your artwork and choose your locations. The more locations you choose, the cheaper it is.

Digifli shows fliers on the screen instead of taped in a window. That means you can get your flyer out in front of thousands of people in the next 10 minutes.

See this 4 minute tutorial on how to post a Digifli ad.

Cost-effective and highly targeted.

Combine Digifli with your social media and print media for maximum exposure with a highly effective local marketing strategy.

Download our PDF slide deck that gives an overview of how advertising works on Digifli.

Where social meets the street.

Digifli combines the ease and economy of social media with on-site advertising. 

Digifli Locations