Electronic Bulletin Boards.

What is Digifli?

Digifli is a network of electronic bulletin boards that display local promotions, events and community information.  Digifli screens are installed in over 30 popular locations around Alameda.

alameda Island Brewing Company Digifli
Digifli kiosk located in Alameda Island Brewing Company

Instead of running around putting up flyers, use Digifli to instantly distribute your flyers electronically. It’s a super cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get the word out.

Digifli is designed to support the community. We only show local businesses (no national brands or big corporate chains) and community events.

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Digifli at Alameda Natural Grocery

Cost-effective as social, geo-targeted as print media.

From where you are right now, you can upload your poster or flyer, and get it posted in 30 locations all over Alameda for about $25 a week. Your campaign will be shown over 2,000 times per day! Combine this with your social media campaign, and you have a super effective local marketing strategy.


City of Alameda Resturant Week Promotion 2018
The City of Alameda received a lot of positive feedback about the Digifly ads we placed.  It was a small investment with great results!
Lois RP Butler
Economic Development Manager
City of Alameda

Where social meets the street.

Digifli combines the ease and economy of social media with on-site advertising.  When your user scrolls past your Facebook ad, and then looks up and sees the same thing while they are walking down the street, you know you have made an impact.

City of Bladium
Digifli at Bladium, Alameda Point


Check out the quick start guide to see how it works. Complete reporting statistics show how many times your flyer was shown in each location.

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Digifli at Fireside Lounge on Webster


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Digifli at Modern Mouse, Southshore Center.