Digifli is a network of digital kiosks that display local event posters all around Alameda. We are currently in 30 locations on the island and have many more locations planned.

Digifli is designed to support the community. It only shows local businesses (no national brands or big corporate chains). If you are a local business, you can advertise on Digifli for about the same price as Facebook advertising and you get to target the exact location your promotions appear.  (As little as $13 per day! See the campaign calculator)

From where you are right now, you can upload your poster or flyer, and get it posted in 30 locations all over Alameda. Rotating in beautiful full color. Select 30 kiosks and your poster will be shown over 80,000 times per day! For a limited time we are offering a free $125 credit for you to try out Digifli.

Digifli: The bulletin board for the 21st Century. Save a tree, use Digifli. Get a free Digifli kiosk.