Electronic Community Bulletin Boards

Digifli is relaunching as of November 2022! We will be reactivating all units and installing new ones. We have also simplified our advertising plans and created new branded partnerships for Business Associations and Chambers.

Digifli is a network of bulletin boards that act as a digital sign that also shows community information and ads from other local businesses.

Digifli is the digital version of your local coffee shop bulletin board. It supports local businesses and community events. 

Community Event Listings & More

Digifli shows information that enriches the community. You can see flyers for non-profits, local small businesses, community and cultural happenings. We also showcase local visual artists.

You might have walked into a coffee shop and seen a billboard filled with flyers and invitations. Digifli organizes this into a simple rotating digital display in strategic high-traffic areas in your neighborhood.

Digifli has a very popular East Bay Event Calendar that allows anyone to add an event for free.

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Electronic Community Bulletin Boards.

Digifli: Electronic Community Bulletin Boards.


  1. To promote local arts and culture. 
  2. To empower independent business owners and organizations that support the community.
  3. To reduce e-waste and carbon emissions.

Digifli digital bulletin boards display local promotions, events, local artists, and community information.  It’s like a coffee shop bulletin board on a monitor. Digifli screens are installed in over 95 popular east bay locations in Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley.

Digifli kiosk shop local east bay

Digifli is in popular public places like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, museums and boutiques. We do not work with corporate chains, only independent local businesses. Each location controls their own content.  It also rotates digital fliers for neighboring local businesses, charities, and community organizations.

If you operate a local business in the east bay, you may qualify for a free Digifli kiosk in your location.

Digifli is designed to support our community.  We work with local business associations like West Alameda Business Association and Jack London Oakland to promote independent business owners. We support several local charitable organizations such as FAAS Animal Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, Alameda Food Bank and Girls Inc. We are always looking for more ways to help, so if you have a local charity let us know!

Get a free kiosk for your business or start a campaign now.

Digifli at Alameda Natural Grocery

Get a free kiosk for your business or start a campaign now.

Digifli at Modern Mouse, Southshore Center.

Get a free kiosk for your business or start a campaign now.