Digifli is a community bulletin board that shows information such as announcements and fundraisers for local non-profits, artwork by local artists, and ads for independent local businesses.

Digifli provides local businesses with a free digital bulletin board. The business adds content using our website to post images. Each location can post up to 5 slides that only show on their screen.

Digifli is a great way to support your local community! We only allow for local independent businesses, no corporate chains are allowed.

  • Digifli provides free ads for local nonprofits.
  • Digifli features local artists through our Artpush partnership.
  • Digifli features local events and fundraisers.
  • Digifli is built on 90% upcycled e-waste monitors.
  • Learn more about Digifli.
  • Below are some of the things you see on Digifli screens

Digifli was invented in 2017 in Alameda, California. The company was launched by the founders Wes and Jess Warren. Since inception, we have placed over 140 community bulletin boards in the East Bay, primarily in Alameda and Oakland. We add new locations every week.

You can find Digifli bulletin boards in restaurants, Boutiques, Grocery Stores, Taverns, Coffee Shops, Taprooms, Museums, Dispensaries, Gyms, and many more. In 2020 before Covid hit we had 130 locations. You can see the entire list of all active Digifli locations here. Click the business name to see what they are showing on their Digifli!

Let’s work together to make communities better, reduce waste, encourage the arts, and support local businesses.

Wes and Jess (co-founders)

Jessica Warren – Community Outreach/Graphic Design
Justin Iredale – Digifli Field Representative/Graphic Design
Wesley Warren – Creator, Inventor, Commiserater. CTO, CEO
Jessica and Wesley Warren – co-Founders of Digifli and Studio 23 Gallery.