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A revolution in local marketing: Hyper-local micro-targeted community digital bulletin boards.

Digifli electronic community bulletin board network of digital signage
Digifli shows events and local business information as a slideshow of electronic flyers.

Digifli is the digital version of your local coffee shop bulletin board. It lets you distribute flyers instantly from your desktop.

Combine it with your social media campaigns to supercharge your local marketing.

Digifli was designed to support the community and decrease the environmental footprint. It helps spread the word and adds a significant boost to your local marketing. We also offer cloud-based digital signage solutions for bay area businesses.

Digifli is in the community.

You can find Digifli at over 55 locations in Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley including Rhythmix Cultural Works,  Alameda Island Brewing Company, Fireside Lounge, Modern Mouse, The USS Hornet and PHOENIX just to name a few.

Digifli is where your customers are. Effective marketing needs to target your audience in multiple ways. Digifli is the easiest way to reach the local community and enhance your marketing.

Digifli and Facebook social marketing meets digital signage
Digifli brings your social media campaigns to the community for maximum impact.

Digifli offers simple monthly pricing plans. It’s easy to use, check out the quick start guide and register for a free trial today.


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Community Event Listings & More

Digifli shows information that enriches the community. You can see flyers for non-profits, local small businesses, community and cultural happenings. We also showcase local visual artists.

You might have walked into a coffee shop and seen a billboard filled with flyers and invitations. Digifli organizes this into a simple rotating digital display in strategic high-traffic areas in your neighborhood.

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Electronic Digital Bulletin Boards.

Digifli: Digital Community Bulletin Board.

Digifli digital bulletin boards display local promotions, events and community information.  Digifli screens are installed in over 65 popular east bay locations including Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley.

Digifli is in popular public places like grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, museums and boutiques. Each location controls their own content. Digifli acts as a digital sign for your location. It also rotates digital fliers for neighboring local businesses, charities, and community organizations.

If you operate a local business in the east bay, you may qualify for a free Digifli kiosk in your location.

Digifli is designed to support your community. We only show local businesses (no national brands or big corporate chains) and community events. We work with local business associations like West Alameda Business Association and Jack London Oakland to promote independent business owners. We support several local charitable organizations such as FAAS and Girls Inc.

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Digifli at Alameda Natural Grocery


Get a free kiosk for your business or start a campaign now.

Digifli at Modern Mouse, Southshore Center.


Get a free kiosk for your business or start a campaign now.


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