RSS Feeds for kiosks

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Now you can automatically show the content of any Digifli kiosk on your WordPress website with RSS feeds.

Browse Digifli Kiosk RSS Feeds

To get the feed for any kiosk, just visit the kiosk page and look for the RSS icon.  (Circled in red below). Each location has it’s own unique RSS feed. You can browse each location from the digifli network status page.

Here is an example feed:

Add an RSS feed to WordPress

If you would like to add a feed to WordPress, you can use a simple free plugin like Feedzy.  Just install the new plugin and it will add an RSS feed widget to your post page.


This will add the little red RSS button to your WordPress editor toolbar. (See pic below) Click the red icon and paste in the feed url. You can then choose a few other options to customize it to your liking.

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Simplified Campaign Management and Monthly Plans

Digifli has released a new version of the campaign dashboard. It makes it easy to manage your campaigns. Just sign up for a monthly plan and your campaign will always be running. You can swap out different promotions, run multiple campaigns, and change locations in real time 24/7 from anywhere.

Got a new promotion? It can be on every Digifli in less than 5 minutes from now! Digifli provides an instant distribution channel from where you are right now.

Check out the quick-start guide to see how easy it is to manage your campaigns.

Have questions? Send us an email, or sign up now for a free trial.

Digifli is a proud sponsor of the Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market

Live Music! Art Cars! Free! Gourmet Snacks! Open Studios! Kids Art Projects! All Ages Coloring Contest! Awesome Prizes from Flax! Our little fair focuses on real bay area artists creating art live at the fair. Over 65 bay area artists come together to make this neighborhood fair so awesome. Skip the overwhelming crowds and browse around with real artists making real art right at the fair with you! .

Special Offer for WABA Members

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Digifli has partnered with the West Alameda Business Association to bring a special offer to WABA members. Try advertising on Digifli with a free $100 advertising credit for a 30 day free trial .

Digifli promotes local businesses and events in Alameda with a network of digital bulletin boards. You may have seen them around town, there are Digifli screens in over 40 locations around Alameda.


Get your 30 day free trial:

Register for a free Digifli account , select your plan and get the first month free (a $99 – $199 value depending on the plan you choose). Then select the locations for your promotion and upload your campaign. Your ad will show up all around Alameda, instantly!


Have questions? Contact Wes and I will help you get started. Do you have a store front? You may be eligible for a FREE Digifli Kiosk!


30 Day Free Trial


“I ran a campaign on Digifli to promote our Second Friday Local Art Soirée at Feathered Outlaw. Three customers that attended told us they saw it on Digifli at Alameda Island Brewing Company. The sale from those customers covered the cost of the entire month.”


Marie Ortega
Owner at Feathered Outlaw
West Alameda Business Association: Director At Large.


To see how it works, check out the quick start digital advertising guide.

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Get a free Digifli kiosk for your business.

We are currently looking for locations in Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley.

If you have a locally owned small business you may be eligible.

  • Coffee Shop / Cafe
  • Record store
  • Boutique / Gift Store / Retail
  • Art gallery/venue.
  • Micro brewery
  • Bar / Pub / Restaurant

Only local businesses are eligible. No corporate chains or franchises.