Small Business Saturday Special

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Small Business Saturday is fast approaching. In order to continue our mission to support locally owned independent business owners, we are extending a super special offer to Oakland and Alameda businesses.*

We just rolled out our new discounts and we are going to make them even better for Small Business Saturday! We now offer bonus locations for 3  month campaigns. Sign up for a 3 month campaign before Small Business Saturday, you will get the first month for 50% off! Up to a $150 savings.

Plans start as low as $49 per month!

small business saturday

Digifli is the perfect way to promote your holiday sales! Just register for your account and send us an email mentioning the Small Business Saturday promotion and we will take 50% off your first months bill!

Hurry, this offer expires on Small Business Saturday (11/24/2018).

Check out our advertising plans and discounts. You don’t need a Digifli installed to advertise, but if you have a local business you probably qualify for a free kiosk.

*One free hour of ad design for any 3-month or longer campaign of at least $99/month. Offer limited to new advertisers. Some restrictions apply. 

Get a Free Digital Sign

Free Digifli Electronic Community Bulletin Board

  • Digifli works like your own digital sign but better!
  • Control the content instantly from your smartphone or PC.
  • Show up to 10 unique slides (Photos or JPG).
  • Support other independent local businesses.
  • Veto power to block any slides you don’t like!
  • Show local charity and cultural events.
  • Promote your business at other locations.

Digifli is a free digital bulletin board for bay area independent local businesses. Its the electronic version of a coffee shop bulletin board that you control with a simple app. You may have seen one in an east bay storefront window or tasting room.  We are in over 65 east bay locations.

Digifli is community focused, if it isn’t good for the neighborhood, it’s not on Digifli! No corporate chains or national brands, we are here to help local businesses succeed. We also support charities and local artists with free promotion.

If you are a local business with a public location, you most likely qualify for a free Digifli. Email us today () and we will stop by and show you how it works. Even if you don’t want a Digifli, you can still advertise on the Digifli network if you are a locally owned independent business.

Qualified Businesses get:

  • Free installation and equipment.
  • Free maintenance and support.
  • Free Kiosk Manager cloud account.
  • Free 3 location ad campaign.
  • Free social media promotion.
  • Free website RSS integration.
  • No fees or bills ever.
  • *Optional paid upgrades are available.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is no charge to have a Digifli ever. We offer optional upgraded advertising plans  that promote your business in more locations for a small monthly fee. Have a Digifli installed with no obligation and no fees ever.

All you have to do is keep your Digifli turned on and you get all these great benefits.

Email us today () and we will stop by and show you how it works. 



Digifli Reaches Out To The Community

Letter from Jess…

Digiflis are popping up all over Alameda and even some in Oakland.

Digifli [Di-jeh-fly] is my husband’s invention. He programmed it, built it and now we work together on getting it out into the community. Basically Digifli is a digital kiosk to support community events, fundraisers, local businesses and local artists.

We were going door to door with fliers to promote our events at our art gallery Studio 23 when the idea started to formulate for my husband. Now we have over 50 digital kiosks in the east bay area.

Digifli gives free advertising to select non-profits putting on fundraisers in the bay area.  It is really easy to be a part of it, just send us the information to your latest fundraiser (or flier) and will have your flier live in over 50 locations in the bay area within 30 minutes.

Here are a few campaign’s running for non-profits right now to give you an idea of what they look like.


Also, take a look at Digifli kiosks around town!

– – – – – – –
Why it’s good for us (aka Digifli)
We give free advertising to artists and nonprofits to support the community. We are artists ourselves and have been very active in the community for the last 5 years, as well as have put on several fundraisers. Digifli puts community first. This is why you won’t ever see corporate and/or chain advertising on Digifli. The kind of advertisers we have are local, like The US Hornet, Rhythmix Cultural Works and things like the city’s Restaurant Week.

Why it’s good for you
Digifli is 100% free.
Digifli will help spread awareness about your nonprofit and/or fundraising events.
Digifli will help your nonprofit raise funds.

Ways to use Digifli
1. Campaign advertisement.
2. Be a kiosk owner.

Campaign Advertisement: You do not have to have a physical kiosk at your location to use Digifli to promote your campaign. You just need to create a free Digifli account. If you are a non-profit or a business that shows local art you may be selected to run a free campaign. If you run a lot of fundraisers and non-profit events, we may set you up with your own free account where you can manage multiple fundraising campaigns.

Kiosk Owners:
1. Having a Digifli kiosk in your own location is like having your own digital sign. Post class schedules, introduce new programs, feature volunteers and staff, highlight events and fundraisers.
2. If you choose to have a kiosk installed you will be automatically allotted a free campaign with up to 3 locations. (non-profits may be given unlimited free locations.)
3. Having a kiosk installed is totally free!

This is a grassroots company from two people that love the bay area. If you can set aside 20 minutes we would love the opportunity to come by and show you how it works in person.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, for supporting local business and your community!

– Jess

Digital Signage Price Comparison and Cost Analysis

digifli digital signage at modern mouse

Digifli now offers Digital Signage

In order to come up with a competitive pricing model, we researched some popular digital signage companies and did some analysis. We decided to base our analysis on the first month (startup cost) and the first year accumulated cost.

We looked at several digital signage companies and used the pricing listed on their website. This is not a feature comparison but we tried to use products with similar feature sets.

Since none of the services provide the HDTVs required, and most did not provide installation service, we left those out of the numbers.

You will need to add the cost of purchasing and  installing HDTV screens, and installing the digital signage hardware into the equation if you are creating a budget.

Digital Signage Cost Analysis

1. Mvix  – Sterling, VA
Xhibit Plus hardware. website
Onsite Support: Not Available

Pros: The cloud software is free, so there is only upfront cost.

Cons: No onsite support, one year warranty, you have to set it up yourself, setting up three screens has the highest upfront cost ($2,385) of any vendor.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $795
  • First Year Total Cost: $795

Three Screens

  • First  Month Cost:  $2,385
  • First Year Total Cost: $2,385

2. Mira – Vancouver, BC and San Francisco

Digital Signage Software website
Onsite Support: Not Available

Pros: Hardware included in monthly price.

Cons: You have to set up your own hardware. No onsite support. No price break for multiple units.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $50
  • First Year Total Cost: $600

Three Screens

  • First Month Cost:  $150
  • First Year Total Cost: $1800

3. DoPublicity  – North Bend, WA

Model D8216 (Multiple Slide Player) website
Onsite Support: Not Available

Pros: You can pay $20/month or buy a lifetime license for $250.

Cons: You have to set up your own hardware. No onsite support. No price break for multiple units.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $370
  • First Year Total Cost: $490

Three Screens

  • First Month Cost:  $1110
  • First Year Total Cost: $1470

4. UCView  – Northridge, CA

Professional Digital Signage Software website
Onsite Support: Not Available

Pros: You can use your own hardware. Only $20/month per screen.

Cons: You have to set up your own hardware and software. No onsite support. No price break for multiple units. You will probably need to hire an IT person to configure your system.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $140
  • First Year Total Cost: $440

Three Screens

  • First Month Cost:  $420
  • First Year Total Cost: $1320

5. Novisign – Tel Aviv, Israel
Digital Signage Player using ChromeStick hardware device. website
Onsite Support: Not Available

Pros: You can use your own hardware. Only $20/month per screen.

Cons: You have to set up your own hardware and software. No onsite support. No price break for multiple units. You will probably need to hire an IT person to configure your system.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $105
  • First Year Total Cost: $325

Three Screens

  • First Month Cost:  $315
  • First Year Total Cost: $972

6. Digifli (Pro) – Alameda – San Francisco Bay Area

Digital Signage private kiosk with equipment lease.
Onsite Support: Included with lease.

Pros: Lowest startup fees, included on-site support in the local bay area. Hardware included in fee.

Cons: Onsite service currently only available in bay area.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $50
  • First Year Total Cost: $325 + TV or Monitor cost.

Three Screens

  • First 6 Month Cost:  $150
  • First Year Total Cost: $975 + TV or Monitor cost.

digifli digital signage at modern mouse

7. Digifli Community Kiosk – (Alameda/Berkeley/Oakland)

Digital Public Kiosk with community events and information.
Onsite Support: Free.

Pros:  Completely Free! All equipment, screens and hardware are provided and installed free. You also get free advertising in 3 additional locations.

Cons: Limited to 10 slides and the kiosk also shows community information for local events and small businesses. You can block any ads you don’t want showing.

One Screen

  • First Month Cost:  $0.
  • First Year Total Cost: $0

Three Screens

  • Not Available with free plan.


If you don’t mind having other community events appearing on your screen, you can get a free digital sign installed in your qualifying business. There are over 35 of these digital kiosks installed in the East Bay.

If you are into DIY and have technical knowledge, there are some inexpensive alternatives with NoviSign and UCView. Both offer low cost monthly subscriptions of $20/month per screen. You will need some technical know how and some time to get all set up.

Mvix has no ongoing monthly subscription fee, but has a very high upfront cost of over $2300 for 3 digital signs. You also have to install and maintain the hardware yourself.

Digifli pro has the lowest start-up fees when you lease the equipment. It also provides the most comprehensive service if you are located in the bay area.

Digifli supports local charity events

faas after the ball

Digifli is all about the community. We love to help the great organizations that reach out and help our fellow humans (and four legged friends)!

We have supported many local events and will continue to do so. If you have a charity event, just create an account and register for the free 30 day trial. Then you can post your event flier on the Digifli network.  We currently have 36 kiosks around Alameda that are seen by thousands of people each day!

For qualified accounts we will renew your free trial automatically at no charge.  Just send us an email of your account expires and we will get you back up and running.

Here are a few of the events we have supported:

faas after the ball

crawfish boil promo


Digifli Kiosk Partner Agreement 2018

Kiosk Location Terms of Service

Digifli will:

  • Provide and install all or part of the equipment for the Kiosk free of charge.
  • Provide the partner with an app to control the kiosk.
  • Remove the equipment at the request of the Partner.

Partner agrees to:

  • Keep the Digifli plugged in, turned on, and in clear view of the public.
  • Work with Digifli for troubleshooting and support.
  • Surrender any Digifli equipment upon request.
  • Make the best effort to keep the equipment clean and safe.


Advertiser: Anyone who creates a campaign on Digifli.

Partner: (aka Kiosk Location): A business with a kiosk.

Kiosk: A unit that shows digital slides. A kiosk consists of a screen and Digifli box.

Slide:   (aka a “digital flier”) A single JPG image uploaded to a Digifli kiosk.

Campaign: A slide appearing on multiple kiosks, created by an advertiser.



All equipment remains the property of Digifli. It may be removed at any time. The partner is not liable for any damage or loss of equipment, and the partner agrees to not hold Digifli liable for any damages related to the service.


Digifli supplies the kiosk free by allowing local businesses to advertise. When an advertiser runs a campaign, they select the locations from a list. If your location has been selected, the campaign will appear on your Digifli. A partner may also be an advertiser, but an advertiser does not necessarily have a kiosk. Anyone can submit a campaign, they do not have to have a kiosk.

Quality Standards

We manually review and approve every campaign before it appears on the Digifli network. All campaigns must meet our community standards. Note: We do not review the slides you upload to your own kiosk.

Blocking Campaigns

You have the ability to block a campaign if it is not suitable for your location. The app allows you to see all the campaigns running on your kiosk. If you block a campaign, you must provide a reason, which we may share with the advertiser.

If too many campaigns are blocked we may have to remove the kiosk from your location. Each case is dealt with individually, there is no specific limit. There should be very few occasions where campaigns need to be blocked.

Terms of Service

The terms and definitions and the bounds of this agreement may change in the future. Please see the website for the current terms of service. 


Kiosk Bonus Impressions and Locations

Digital Signage Control App

Digifli is happy to announce we our giving our Kiosk partners a special bonus.

If you have a free Digifli kiosk, you now automatically get an additional 3 free locations added to any plan you order. And an additional 200 impressions per day, (that’s 6000 free impressions every month) !

Even if you do not have a paid plan, you can use your free kiosk plan to run a campaign in any three locations! A way to say thanks to our partners.

Just login to your dashboard to start using your free campaign. For more information, check the quick start guide.