FAQ Advertiser

All plans are priced monthly. You can set up billing as a recurring PayPal /Credit Card subscription or request an electronic invoice.

There are no contracts and you can go month-to-month. There may be discounts or other incentives (extra locations or impressions) to keep a recurring monthly package.

See our pricing plans here.

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We have two current ways to be billed.

1. PayPal recurring monthly billing.

Register with the PayPal plan and it will automatically bill your credit card or PayPal account each month.

2. Emailed Invoice. 

We can email you an invoice if you prefer to pay by check. We invoice 2 months at a time.

Category: Digifli Advertiser
  • Files must be in JPEG format.
  • At least 1024 x 1325
  • Files should be 72 dpi (standard web/screen resolution)
  • Vertical (portrait) Orientation
  • All files are resized to 1024 x 1325

Right click on the image below to download the template . You can paste your artwork right over this file.

Advertising Best Practices

Each Digifli screen impression last 11 seconds. Use this time to grab the patrons attention and send them to a specified location where they can get more information.  We suggest your website.

The most important information on your ad will be your logo, contact information, dates and/or specials.  Remember to keep it simple.

Basic Digifli Ad Styles

  • Basic Business Introduction
  • Special Offer
  • Event


Be sure your message is consistent across media channels.  Whether you are running an ad on Facebook, purchasing an ad in the local paper or printing your own flyers use a consistent visual message.

Keep It Synchronized