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Digifli screens show image files (aka “ads”) like a digital picture frame. Each slide shows for approximately 11 seconds. Each screen is constantly rotating through all the slides assigned to that location.

Impression Count

Impressions are a count of how many times your slide is shown on a screen. For example, if your plan comes with 50,000  impressions, your campaign(s) will show at least 1700 times per day.

The impressions are distributed across all the locations you select. For example, if you select 10 locations, then your campaign will show a minimum of 170 times each day in each of those 10 locations.

10 locations x 170 impressions = 1700 impressions per day

If you reduce it to 5 locations, it will show twice as often (every 1.5 minutes instead of every 3 minutes) and still deliver 1700 impressions per day.

Campaigns Share Impressions

Impressions are equally distributed across your ads.

For example, if you only have one ad running then it will show 1700 times per day. If you have two campaigns running, (eg. two slides) then each slide will show approximately 850 times.

Your plan gives you a guaranteed number of impressions. These impressions are distributed across multiple locations and divided among your ads.

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You can change your ads in real-time with our web app. You can upload up multiple files and toggle them on and off whenever you like. You can also change the locations your ad appears in at any time.

All new artwork has to be approved by our team to ensure it meets our quality guidelines. During normal business hours, this usually takes less than 10 minutes.

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  • Files must be in JPEG format.
  • At least 1024 x 1325
  • Files should be 72 dpi (standard web/screen resolution)
  • Vertical (portrait) Orientation
  • All files are resized to 1024 x 1325

Right click on the image below to download the template . You can paste your artwork right over this file.

Advertising Best Practices

Each Digifli screen impression last 11 seconds. Use this time to grab the patrons attention and send them to a specified location where they can get more information.  We suggest your website.

The most important information on your ad will be your logo, contact information, dates and/or specials.  Remember to keep it simple.

Basic Digifli Ad Styles

  • Basic Business Introduction
  • Special Offer
  • Event


Be sure your message is consistent across media channels.  Whether you are running an ad on Facebook, purchasing an ad in the local paper or printing your own flyers use a consistent visual message.

Keep It Synchronized

No. You do NOT need to have a Digifli screen installed in your location to advertise.

Any local independent business can advertise as long as your flier meets our quality guidelines. Sorry NO CORPORATE CHAINS

Also – each location has the power to “block” your campaign. If they do not like your campaign for any reason, they can block it from showing in their location. Our algorithm compensates for this by showing your ad more often in the other locations you selected.

Each location is unique. The Digifli kiosk is usually placed in a prominent location in a window on a busy pedestrian street, or inside often on a larger screen.

We base the exposure on how many people come in view of the screen on a weekly basis. This is either based on customer counts or pedestrian traffic.

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Packages start at $50.

See Pricing

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Subscriptions are billed monthly to the payment method you selected. At this time we accept most major credit cards and PayPal. You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us.

We also have one-time purchases where you can select the number of days and locations and these plans do not auto-renew. These are slightly more expensive than the subscriptions.

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We log impressions to ensure ads are being delivered.

Our units report to our cloud servers every few minutes.  They check to see if there are any new campaigns to load. They also send back impression counts for each slide they show.

Exposure is measured the same way as billboards by counting traffic. We get the number of customers or pedestrians in the area to estimate exposure.

The algorithm distributes the impressions across all the active screens that you select. It shows each ad at least every 3 minutes. We measure the traffic for each location.

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All campaigns must meet our quality guidelines. This means “It supports the community or a local independent business” . Essentially this means you will not see ads for Budweiser, Taco Bell, Walmart or other national chains.

Digifli is meant to support and strengthen our local community.

We review every ad before it is published. However, each location has control over what their kiosk shows. We do not review the local appearing images. We let the locations manage their own images.

You can think of Digifli as a bulletin board. Each place can put their own fliers up, but if we are going to distribute the fliers to all places, they must meet our quality guidelines.

Check out digifli.com to see all the ads currently running.