What kinds of ads are on Digifli?

All campaigns must meet our quality guidelines. Essentially this means “It supports the community or local business” – so essentially this means you will not see ads for Budweiser, Taco Bell, Walmart or other national chains.

Digifli is meant to support and strengthen our local community.

This covers campaigns that are run in multiple locations. However, each location has control over what their kiosk shows. So technically, you could possibly see an ad for Taco Bell if the store uploaded it to their screen – but it would not be approved for a campaign.

Check out some of our first advertisers here.

You can think of Digifli as a bulletin board. Each place can put their own fliers up, but if we are going to distribute the fliers to all places, they must meet our quality guidelines.

You can see what people have on their digifli with the Digifli mobile website.

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