Campaign: How do impressions work?

Digifli screens show image (aka “slides”) files like a digital picture frame. Each slide shows for approximately 11 seconds. Each screen is constantly rotating through all the slides assigned to that location.

Impression Count

Impressions are a count of how many times your slide is shown on a screen. For example, if your plan comes with 2000 daily impressions, your campaign(s) will show at least 2000 times per day.

The impressions are distributed across all the locations you select. For example, if you select 10 locations, then your campaign will show a minimum of 200 times each day in each of those 10 locations.

10 locations x 200 impressions = 2000 impressions per day

Campaigns Share Impressions

Impressions are equally distributed across your campaigns.

For example, if you only have one campaign running then it will show 2000 times per day. If you have two campaigns running, (eg. two slides) then each slide will show approximately 1000 times.

Your plan gives you a guaranteed number of impressions. These impressions are distributed across multiple locations and divided among your campaigns.


We keep detailed reports for each campaign and every location.


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