Geographic and Demographic Reach

Post Covid Update

Digifli is a network of community bulletin boards. If you have a local business with a retail location, you might qualify for a free Digifli electronic sign and bulletin board.

Before the pandemic, in 2020, Digifli had a presence in over 130 prime East Bay locations. Digifli Electronic Bulletin Boards are located in popular high-traffic independent businesses so you can target specific geographic areas and customer profiles.

Digifli maintains a strong visual presence in many vibrant local neighborhoods and shopping districts like Park Street, and Webster Street Alameda, Laurel District, Piedmont Ave, Temescal, Jack London, Downtown Oakland, Fruitvale, Rockridge, and Jingletown.

In February 2020 Digifli Electronic Bulletin Boards are seen daily in:

  • 7 Coffee Shops ( Avg 1000 total daily views )
  • 9 Kid/Family-Focused Businesses ( Avg 1000 daily views )
  • 24 Restaurants ( Avg 3000 total daily views )
  • 36 Boutique/Specialty shops ( Avg 3300 total daily views )
  • 11 Tap Rooms/Bars ( Avg 2000 total daily views )
  • 16 Art Galleries/Creative/Maker spaces ( Avg 900 total daily views )
  • 6 Grocery Stores (Avg 2000 total daily views)

Our self-service website allows you to instantly target individual locations so you can focus on a specific customer profile or entire streets and neighborhoods. We are constantly adding new locations.

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