Advertising Plan Discounts, Upgrades and Billing

Discounts and Upgrades

None of our standard plans require a contract, but you can get even more value when you commit to an extended time-frame.

We offer a combination of discounts and upgrades for each time period.

A three month commitment gets you three extra locations added to your plan, 300 more daily impressions. So if you get a plan with 20 locations, you get 23! (This stacks on top of your 3 free kiosk locations, so kiosk partners get 26 locations! for the price of 20 )

3 Month commitment:

  • +3 Locations
  • +300/Day Impressions
  • $45 Value
  • *Good towards any plan.


6 Month commitment:


12 Month commitment:

  • +6 Locations
  • +600/Day Impressions
  • $180 Value Plus:
  • 10% Off Monthly Rate
  • 20 location minimum



We have flexible billing options available.

  • Invoicing available (every two months or quarterly)
  • PayPal subscription (auto pay monthly or quarterly with PayPal)
  • Monthly auto-billing to your credit card.

We are flexible and will work with you to create an easy billing process. Just let us know what works for you. Our invoices are payable by check, credit card, or PayPal and